How To Pick Right Pool Table

A wise man once said that buying a pool table is same like buying a car, now how can a wooden table with four sides can be compared with a car but when you go out on shopping for one you will understand the similarity both have. You need to keep track of small buying decision such as a place from where you will going to purchase your table maybe they are good manufactures but since they are too much far away from your location it may create problems. Pool tables are not much shifting friendly if you are importing from far away complication during delivery may happen.

So, today i will help you out in how you can pick up a right table for your home i will advice you in every important details you need to keep in your check list before going to get one.

Size Matters : Pool tables come in all shape and sizes but the most common size is 7 foot there is a huge array of pool tables on this size option. But, if you are a new player you can opt for smaller ones because taking big shots can be difficult if you are a novice player small tables can help you get your hands free before you can try on some big ones. There is plenty of people that complains about the space taking problem these 7 foot items take huge space in your house and if you don’t have plenty of space in your home it can be a big trouble i have seen people bought these things with huge excitement but these things ends up at storage units at the end. One thing you need to understand that you are not going to play all the time so keep that thing in your mind.

So don’t imagine about yeah! i will play and keep it away afterwards because assembling and disabling is not that interesting then playing so some people don’t play billiards just because they are too lazy to bring that table out and install the whole set.

Foldable Pool Tables: As I have mentioned the problem about space taking foldable pool tables makes thing much easier since they are foldable so you don’t have to worry about space taking all you have to do is play and then pack it up in your garage but things you need to make sure while going with this option is that you need to check their bases these pool tables are not durable since their base are made weak so keep your eye on their bases and get something strong ones.

If i had to choose between these two i would avoid foldable ones because they doesn’t offer huge sizes most of them comes at 5-6.5 foot which makes playing like on a kids table. Bases makes playing ugly because they have level problem and after month of use they curve at some angle so your ball goes rolling off the downward size you don’t want that too happen, but a good size about these table is that they are very affordable while most of these table too much cheaper so don’t aspect to use them for long.

Quality Comes At Price: Snooker tables are expensive and cheap too but if you need quality then you need to ignore the price most quality pool tables comes under 2000$ price tag anything below than 1000$ are just budget tables but if you don’t want to shell out that much amount then i would like to give you an idea that will give you best quality tables at much cheaper rate if you are a type of person that doesn’t like to boast of stuff you own and just put quality over looks that what’s the problem with getting something used if you are good at bargaining you can hunt branded tables at very low price.

Felt Is Important: If you don’t know about felt that you might be a new buyer felt is the cloth which is over your snooker table. A felt can affect your overall pool performance such as if you opt for slower felt then when you take shots you will notice that it doesn’t bounce much great for the power players that like to put lot of energy during play. Maintenance is another aspect you need to look out if a pool table is ignored and not well maintained then wears and torn occur which will only make your game more frustrating then fun. Humidity is a big killer for your felt because moister can be absorbed by the cloth and make it sticky it also affects the life span of your felt so make sure you put your table in an well air conditioned room. If you don’t want to do that just avoid playing after the rainy days you will be fine.

Don’t Sit on It: I know many of you have seen people sitting on the snooker table and do dancing and all the weird activities and kids like to jump around on it but that doesn’t mean your pool table can handle that torture firstly, your table isn’t made for such task while you sit on it put pressure on the surface and in the worst case it will make it curve so when you stoke you ball in that area it will either bounce of or slow down while coming into that part i know you don’t want that to happen.